Automotive Products FAQ

Please contact us to discuss your programme requirements at [email protected].  Alternatively, further contact information can be found on our Contact Us page.

ELFA Leather CLASSIC upholstery acquisition costs will be similar to most fabrics and less than traditional leather.  Furthermore, operating costs will be significantly lower than both traditional leathers and fabrics, including moquette.  Contact us to discuss your precise requirements and see how you can reduce your costs.

Allow us to show you the evidence, test results and flight trial statistics that will allow you to make a decision immediately.  This will also help you to avoid the cost of deferring to a trial which will delay the benefits and savings.

Production time :about 10-15 working days after receiving your 30% deposit .

Colour-matching takes a maximum of 2-3 working days.

Yes, we can match most colours and grains to a specific material swatch or Patone/RAL colour reference.

Rolls are 1.4m (approx 4′ 0”) wide and normally at least 30m (100′ 0”) long for ease of handling.

Rolls are 1.37meters wide and normally at least 25 meters long for ease of handling.

Cut and sew suppliers using ELFA Leather are also experiencing the benefits of a consistent material that can increase yields, reduce waste and reduce production time.

Being a consistent material it can be multilayer cut, it is lighter to handle and is easy to sew. Expect less waste and reduced sewing times. If you are a seat manufacturer or require further information on this area please visit our technical area.

ELFA Leather has been operating for over five years across the transport industry with signs of minimal wear and Furniture Sofa.  Life expectancy varies according to usage, material type and maintenance.

ELFA Leather is in use all over the world in most Furniture Sofa ,transport applications. Customers include huge Sofa area, over 50 airlines, a large selection of bus and coach operators, train, marine and automotive.

Please take a look at our case studies and gallery sections for further insight.