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Composition Leather: The alternative to traditional leather

Traditional leather is being rivalled by manmade alternatives. The latest in this new generation is composition leather.


Made from discarded ‘wet blue’ leather off-cuts that normally end up in landfill, composition leather saves needless waste. Plus it’s available to cut from the roll. So unlike leather hides there’s minimal wastage and, of course, lower material costs. Not all composition leathers are the same…

Composition leather comes in numerous forms. Most rely on adhesives and resins to bond the leather fibres together to form the material. However, composition leather from ELFA Leather is different. The ELFA Leather patented process uses no chemicals and resins whatsoever but just water alone. . With its strong eco credentials, high performance and low cutting wastage, composition leather from ELFA Leather is fast becoming the material of choice for the footwear, leather goods, upholstery and transport sectors.



Why composition leather can be better than traditional leather

Composition leather outperforms traditional leather in several key areas.

More cost-efficient Higher cutting yield: cut from a roll not from hides for less wastage and reduced costs

Better for product consistency No natural defects and minimal batch-to-batch variation for a flawless finish

Highly durable With built-in high tensile core strength, making it flexible and robust for heavy use applications

Easy to keep clean Not prone to heavy staining and marking Lightweight for significant fuel savings – Can be up to 50% lighter than leather, helping transportation industries achieve valuable fuel cost savings whilst reducing their carbon footprint

Boasting many enhanced performance characteristics, composition leather has evolved from other leather alternatives including faux leather,coated splits and pu coated textiles before it to become a reliable material that suits many applications.