Welcome to our company

ELFA Leather factory is manufacturing a new eco-friendly material that out-performed traditional genuine leather .Since the formation of recycled leather in 2005,we have honoured the vision of our founder Mr Shido and his commitment to the development of a clean technology product and culture,this engineered recycled leather has already become our patented product in China.To minimise our environmental footprint and ensure we are making efficient use of the world`s scarce natural resources.We focus on 3 key areas,including increasing recycled content, lowering carbon emissions and reducing use of earth`s scarce resources. Who we are ? We are the people behind the sustainable recycled leather alternative to traditional leather . We create what people want and what the planet deserves.We recycle more and less wate on the protecting our environment.


We are creating what people want and what the planet deserves !

EMM An Italy company since 1950.

ELFA LEATHER An China company since 1998.

Between innovation and tradition.We put the fabrics, you put your style.

We are the people behind the sustainable recycled leather alterantive to traditional leather hides.