Furniture Sofa

Furniture Sofa

Domestic Upholstery

Creating discerning style and quality whilst cutting costs

Leather transforms the look and feel of furniture but upholstering in leather carries a premium. Going with convention and using leather hides wastes costly material and is prone to batch variations in colour and texture. However there is a more cost-effective and ecological sound alternative – composition leather. Made from recycled leather fibre (from trimmings that tanneries would normally send to landfill) and mixed with a high performance core, composition leather not only has the same soft feel as traditional leather it is highly resistant to wear and tear.


Composition leather outperforms traditional leather in several key areas.

1. More cost-efficient Higher cutting yield: cut from a roll not from hides for less wastage and reduced costs

2.Better for product consistency No natural defects and minimal batch-to-batch variation for a flawless finish

3.Highly durable With built-in high tensile core strength, making it flexible and robust for heavy use applications

4.Easy to keep clean Not prone to heavy staining and marking Lightweight for significant fuel savings – Can be up to 50% lighter than leather, helping transportation industries achieve valuable fuel cost savings whilst reducing their carbon footprint

5.Uniform finish: No variations in texture or colour, unlike traditional leather hides, for a flawless look.

6.Easy care: Doesn’t stretch, mark or stain as easily as leather. Simply wipe clean with a damp cloth.

7.Extensive design options: Various grains and custom colours are available. Can be embossed with your company or brand logo.

8. Environmentally friendly: Made from recycled leather fibre normally discarded by tanneries.(Made with natural leather fibres and water power to produce an enhanced new material)