Composition Leather

  • Automotive Composition Leather

    Many a luxury car model is defined by the sleek look and comfortable feel of leather trim. But the luxury of traditional leather adds a significant cost for the buyer. However, times have changed and now a revolution in leather is making this option a whole lot more affordable. Composition leather from ELFA leather is unique. It has the same look and feel as traditional leather but for less outlay.

  • Aviation Composition Leather

    Greener travel means travelling light

    Composition leather is leading the way in greener air travel. Composition leather has the same aesthetics and feel as traditional leather. But more than just that, its incredible lightweight properties lead to lower fuel consumption. One of the reasons why the world’s airlines are adopting it for the seat and interior finishes of their planes in a bid to reduce their carbon emissions.

  • Commercial Upholstery Composition Leather

    The cost of upholstering seating in traditional leather is expensive. Translate it to a commercial scale and it can send costs sky high. Thankfully, composition leather (the leading traditional leather alternative on the market today) makes leather affordable for businesses in need of seating for wide-ranging applications

  • Domestic Upholstery Composition Leather

    Name: Composition Leather

    Thickness: 1.2-1.4mm    1.4-1.6mm


    Packing: in double plastic bags of 25 meters each roll .

    Application: Domestic Upholstery ,Home sofa furniture.

    Fire retardant , Eco friendly, High durable ,Soft touch feeling

  • Footwear Composition Leather

    Composition leather makes shoes lighter than traditional leather, allowing greater freedom of movement for the wearer, particularly for those engaging in sports.

  • A new product instead of traditional leather hides

    Soft touch feeling steel regenerated leather for domestic upholstery

    Composition Leather is a unique material produced using waste leather to create a sustainable ,high performance material that delivers the look and feel of traditional leather plus significant economic, hygienic and durability benefits.


    Name: Composition Leather



    Packing : in double plastic film and bags of about 25 meters length each roll.



  • microfiber leathermicrofiber leather

    Stretch Microfiber leather materials by the meter China top supplier 0.8mm stone soft handfeeling

    Microfiber Leather :

    It is a popular material that a lot of clients use it to reply traditional leather for avaition ,cars ,upholstery ,footwear and leather goods. Because it is very strong and durable . Use year is longer than genuine leather . 

  • Microfiber Leather

    Sustainable recycled microfiber leather by the meter sold in North Europe


    • Product name : Microfiber Leather
    • Thickness:1.2 mm
    • Width:54″
    • Backing : Micro fibers
    • Color: Bespoke customising opportunities
    • MOQ:500 meters each one
    • Packing :In double plastic bags of 30 meters each roll
    • Usage: Automotive ,sofa ,shoes and bags.
  • base leather

    Recycled Base Leather

    Product Name: Base Leather

    Thickness: 1.0-1.8mm

    Width: 1.5meters

    Packing: about 300 meters each roll .

    Composition:  PU base combined with fiber leather (to be made from genuine leather) .

  • Bovine Fiber Leather——A new product instead of traditional leather hides

    A new product instead of traditional leather hides ,named Ecological cow leather

    Product Name:ecological cow leather


    Thickness:any thickness can bespoke

    Color:any color availiable

    Touching feeling:super soft,medium soft,super hard,medium hard

  • bovine fiber leather

    ELFA black bonded leather for furniture sofa

    Bonded Leather——the best alternative to traditional leather

    Thickness:1.2-1.6mm Width: 1.37 meters Length: about 25 meters each roll

    Packing:To be packed by rolls ,not pieces .Surface:any colors and textures availiable.

  • Madras Leather for automotive

    Mardas Car leather


    MOQ:500meters each  color