Domestic Upholstery Composition Leather

Name: Composition Leather

Thickness: 1.2-1.4mm 1.4-1.6mm


Packing: in double plastic bags of 25 meters each roll .

Application: Domestic Upholstery ,Home sofa furniture.

Fire retardant , Eco friendly, High durable ,Soft touch feeling


Domestic Upholstery

Creating discerning style and quality whilst cutting costs

Leather transforms the look and feel of furniture but upholstering in leather carries a premium. Going with convention and using leather hides wastes costly material and is prone to batch variations in colour and texture. However there is a more cost-effective and ecological sound alternative – composition leather. Made from recycled leather fibre (from trimmings that tanneries would normally send to landfill) and mixed with a high performance core, composition leather not only has the same soft feel as traditional leather it is highly resistant to wear and tear.

Highly durable: Strengthened with a high performance textile core, helping it to be tear and puncture resistant, and very flexible.

Cuts waste: Composition Leather is available to cut from a roll significantly saving on wastage compared to hides. Automated stack cutting creates faster processing with cutting yields of up to 90%*.

Environmentally friendly: Made from recycled leather fibre normally discarded by tanneries.

Uniform finish: No variations in texture or colour, unlike traditional leather hides, for a flawless look and highly accurate matching with existing furniture.

Easy care: Doesn’t stretch, mark or stain as easily as leather. Simply wipe clean with a damp cloth – creating significant savings on cleaning products and ongoing maintenance.

Extensive design options: Various grains and custom colours are available.

Fire retardant: ELFA Leather conforms to European Standard and North America (BS5852 , CA117 )

Eco-friendly, Saving wastages,Easy to keept clean,More cost efficient,Fire retardant.

USE for long time

Extensive surface texture

High Durable

Environmental Friendly

Saving labor cutting cost