Sustainable recycled microfiber leather by the meter sold in North Europe


  • Product name : Microfiber Leather
  • Thickness:1.2 mm
  • Width:54″
  • Backing : Micro fibers
  • Color: Bespoke customising opportunities
  • MOQ:500 meters each one
  • Packing :In double plastic bags of 30 meters each roll
  • Usage: Automotive ,sofa ,shoes and bags.


Recycled Microfiber Leather :

Microfiber Leather means Microfiber pu synthetic leather . Now we are using bottles waste for landfill and transform it into new materials —–Recycled Microfiber Leather

Surface is water pu coating , backing is recycled micro fibers. Main feature is durable .




  1. lighter weight than leather
  2. superior durable ,tensile strength, break strength,tear strength,peeling strength,abrasion resistance ,hydrolysis resistance all beyond leather
  3. clean easily
  4. High usage rate
  5. cost effectively
  6. Eco-friendly

micro fiber material