Automotive Product Comparison


Seating for buses is moving on from the days of moquette and traditional leather which marks, stains and looks tired very quickly. More and more of today’s public transport companies are after easy to maintain seating material that is robust enough to stand up to the daily rigours of transporting thousands of passengers whilst being attractive and affordable.JUNHUA-Leather fulfils this need perfectly. Manufactured using leather off-cuts that would otherwise end up in landfill, it reduces the costs both environmentally and economically of producing upholstery material.


Unlike fabric, JUNHUA-Leather only needs an occasional wipe to maintain a lasting appearance and hygienic seating.
Chose JUNHUA-Leather to reduce maintenance time, reduce regular cleaning, eliminate frequent deep cleaning and replacement of covers.

Traditional Leather

A seat upholstered with JUNHUA-Leather can weigh around 2lb (900g) less than the same seat upholstered in traditional leather, with clear fuel burn savings.