Recycled Leather for public spaces

Recycled Leather for public spaces

Recycled Leather is a unique material produced using waste leather to create a sustainable material that delivers the look and feel of traditional leather.

  1. consistent color and texture
  2. using rate 95%
  3. lowering carbon emissions 60%
  4. saving water 95%
  5. 100% recycled natural materials
  6. thickness ,color ,texture ,gloss,touching feeling be customised.
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What is Recycled Leather ?

Recycled Leather is an advanced material that delivers the look and feel of traditional leather.


Our commitment to sustainability:

We are the people behind the sustainable leather alternative . We create what people want and what the planet deserves. Recycled Leather is committed to minimising our environmental footprint and making efficient use of the world`s scarce natural resources.A significant amount of leather is unused and often destined for landfill. Recycled Leather reduces that problem by recycling tonnes of leather hides rather than wasting them.Recycled Leather reduces landfill waste by recycling thousands of tonnes of leather hides and our materials contain up to 100% recycled content.


Why need Recycled Leather ?

With the aggravation of environment pollution on the international agenda, coupled with a focus on limited resources and a dedication to the ethical treatment of animals,recycled leather has entered the scene as a force for good. Now a lot of famous brands specifically have long sought sustainable materials,originally turning to fabric,now they are considering reycled leather.Such as Nike,Armani,NB,MLB etc. In the near future,there is a strong upward demand for ethical,green and recycled products.

recycled leather with leather hides look and feel