Recycled Leather is a unique sustainable recycled leather material

Recycled Leather is a unique material produced using leather waste to create a sustainable material that delivers the look and feel of traditional leather.

  1. consistent color and texture
  2. using rate 95%
  3. lowering carbon emissions 60%
  4. saving water 95%
  5. 100% recycled natural materials
  6. thickness ,color ,texture ,gloss,touching feeling be customised.


elfa leather is building big

ELFA Leather is a new recycled leather material engineered for the end of waste.



It has a surplus of goods and excessive waste in the world now, and we should reuse them and reduce waste, rather than producing a lot of goods again.

Especially in leather area,up to 75% of all leather hides are wasted.Therefore,a large number of leather scraps is destined to landfill,which it has a great pollution to the land and water.What`s more, there is a huge waste for the planet and the destruction of the environment entering into an infinite circle.

Facing this situation,this is where elfa leather comes in.Maybe someone ask why elfa leather is able to help people to end the waste and move forward ? Why elfa leather can deliver on both changing for the planet and pursuing of luxury for the consumers?

Elfa leather takes leather manufacturing waste destined to the landfill and gives it new life through revolutionary recycled technology with manufacturing sustainability.It reuses superfluous of leather hides and reduces excessive waste ,engineering for the end of waste.Manufacturing with 100% renewable electricity,Recycling 95% of water used in groundbreaking manufactured process,Lowering carbon emissions by over 60%,Saving limited natural scarce resources (land and water) and Reducing waste,elfa leather is striving to increase the recycle content to 75%.For example,we are using recycled synthetic fibers made from plastic bottles in the ocean beach to enhance elfa leather performance.Therefore , it is popular with the most iconic brands in the world for its luxury and durability.In addition,it lets our mission have true impact of industry and the planet at an epic scale.

a revolutionary sustainable recycled leather materials be given a new life from leather waste

Recycled Leather


No two leather hides are ever same and its the inconsistency of the material that causes so much of it to be destined for landfill sites.We reduce that problem by continuously recycling tonnes of leather hides.Each roll of our recycled leather is made up to 55% more genuine leather composition and so far we`ve recycled enough of it to make more than 40 million pairs of shoes.

Personally, or professionally – we’re all doing what we can to reduce our carbon footprint. Our factories have been designed from the ground up with sustainability in mind. The result is over 60% lower CO2 emissions comparing ELFA recycled leather to traditional leather. Since production began, we’ve saved enough CO2 to offset powering 40,000 homes for a whole year.

There’s no doubt that nature’s resources are limited. Over-consumption is taking its toll on our planet. Our resource-efficient production saves 50% more natural resources such as land and water. The water saving alone (by repurposing 95% of water used in the process) is enough to fill 20,000 Olympic size swimming pools.

What is recycled leather ?

ELFA Leather is a sustainable recycled leather made from leather scraps and plastic bottles in the landfill.It`s unique patented process employs high-pressure water jets to force the recycled leather fibres together with recycled synthetic fibers made from plastic bottles. It`s a process that has major environmental advantages over conventional bonded leather, as it uses no chemicals (no adhesives, no resins ).Its process is a continuous closed-looped system with 95% of water recycled. It is a clean technology product using sustainable natural leather fibers and 100% zero carbon electricity in its production process.

How it`s made ?

recycled leather production process

Step 1: The raw materials of ELFA Leather is leather shavings and trimmings

Step 2: Leather shavings and trimmings undergo a fiberisation process which shreds and upgrades them into fine usable fibers .

Step 3: Leather fibers are formed into two layers with recycled synthetic fibers.They are fastened with high pressure water jets rather than chemical adhesives.

Step 4: After color impregnation ,high performance finish coats the leather and a release paper template gives the surface a leather effect grain.

Step 5: After final inspection and quality assurance it is ready to be rolled . On a roll the leather is more functional to use and will produce less cuttings and wastages in the further use .

ELFA Recycled Leather VS Traditional Leather Hides

ELFA Recycled Leather Traditional Leather Hides
Less wastage more cost effective

Cut from rolls 1400mm width.Length is long

Leather hides

(at widest point) 914.4mm Length 2286mm

More durable—Scuff and scratch resistant

thanks to an easy to keep clean with

high performance coating

Less scuffs and scratches.
Up to 50% lighter—–helping transport

companies save one fuel consumption and

reduce their carbon emission.

Weight disadvantages,particularly to

transportation applications

Resistant to cracking,tearing and puncturing

Its unique core reinforment textile provides

high performance,improving its quality

and feel.

Can be prone to cracking ,tearing and

puncturing,easpecially split leather .

Uniform texture-made from leather fibersand

given an artificial pattern for a consistent

flawless finish and feel.

Inconsistent shade- each hide is different and

has a unique grain texture.This results in the

dyes and finishes penetrating the grain in

varying degrees.

Wipe clean with a damp cloth-No chemical

cleaners or costly cleaning maintenance

needed to continually look good.

Cleaning detergents and leather restorative

products needed as well as the associated

time and costs.

More Flexible and easier to sew . Can be fairly rigid limiting applications
Customisable design options-Bespoke colors

available plus various grains and the ability

to emboss with company or brand logos.

Limited grains and colors
Recycled leather is a better value alternative

to traditional leather hides

Leather is expensive,pricing itself out of large

scare upholstery applications in Particular.



Sustainability :

We are the people behind the sustainable leather alternative.We create what people want and what the planet deserves.There is no doubt that nature`s resources are limited .Over-consumption is taking its toll on our planet.And there is an urgent need to recycle more and waste less.So that`s exactly what we do ! A significant amount of leather is unused and often destined for landfill.We reduces that problem by recycling tonnes of leather hides rather than wasting them.

engineered for preserving the only planet we live

Our commitment to sustainability:

To minimise our environmental footprint and ensure we`re making efficient use of the world`s scarce natural resources,we focus on three key areas.Such as Increasing recycled content,Lowering carbon emissions,reducing use of earth`s scarce resources.

elfa leather make commitment to the sustainability

Why need Recycled Leather on the planet?

With the aggravation of environment pollution on the international agenda,combined with a focus on scarce resources and protecting animals,recycled leather has entered the scene as a force for good.What`s more ,now a lot of famous brands specifically have long sought sustainable materials from recycled fabric to recycled leather,for example ,Nike used recycled fabric for shoes,named flyknit,now they are using recycled leather,named flyleather. Recycled Leather`s partner with leading brands from all of the world to help them to create extraordinary products and memorable client experiences,while improving the sustainability.


This is the reason why recycled leather be innovated in elfa leather company

a.Saving over 55% of land and water used by leather

b.Reducing carbon emissions by over 60%

c.Zero waste to landfill since 2009

d.Contains up to 75% recycled content.

e.Manufactured 100% renewable electricity

f.Recycling 95% of water used in groundbreaking manufacturing process

Who is the ELFA Leather ?

ELFA LEATHER is located in the ancient town of Wuxi city—-Changjing, east of Xizhang Expressway, south of Huning Expressway and Shanghai Airport,the traffic is very convenient.

We mainly produce a new sustainable recycled leather alternative to traditional leather in China since 2009.It is made from discarded wet blue leather off-cuts and synthetic fibers from bottles that normally end up in the landfill .It`s unique patented process employs high pressure water jets to force the recyclable leather fibers through an integral textile reinforcement core in a continuous closd-looped system with 100% of water recycled. It is a clean technology product using sustainable natural leather fibers and synthetic fibers, to save natural resources,to lower carbon emissions and to protect our planet.

We create what people want and what the planet deserves.We are the people behind the sustainable recycled leather alternative.We are on the way of social development of recycling and reusing all materials, saving scarce water resources, lowering carbon emissions and protecting the environment.We obtain the GRS certification, fully connecting with the international market, applying the TC certificate for customers timely, in line with the foreign customer to the material traceability request. The company’s GRS series of products including recycled leather base,coated base,and finished recycled leather ( R-Leather), obtained a number of patent technical certificates, fully reflect the sweat and wisdom of production and R & D personnel.We have established a good cooperative relationship with NK, ASICS, PUMA, KAPPA, DECKERS, CAT, KUKA, CLARKS, K-Swiss, UGG, CAMPER, BALENCIAGA, ZARA, ARMANI , ect .

We never ignore the development of our empolyees in future and personal safety during the production.Every month we need to have a meeting together to summarize working plan for next month. Every season we need to do one time fire drill to strengthen our workers safety awareness.Every year we attend some exhibitions to promote our smart product recycled leather to clients.Meanwhile, it also provides more space for employees to show their talents.

In a word,we are proud of ourselves for doing some recycling products and in line with the development trend of human society.We are all working hard to protect the only planet we own. We believe that it will be better in future. Come on ! Elfa Leather !

what is mission of elfa leather in the planet?