1999 to 2004- all of natural leather powder be produced by us in zhang jia gang city ,mainly used for synthetic leather backing and surface flocking .

2000-2005, we researched a kind of long hair leather fiber for flocking ,selled very popular and save a lot of money for clients at that moment .

2005- Global patents and multiple grant applications. Initial start up investment of 500 million RMB raised for plant and process development

2006-2009 Market introduction into furniture sofa expansion and development of product lines for ground furniture, commercial & domestic upholstery and footwear.we start to produce the composition leather with this clean technology product ,we named ecological cow leather .

2009-we establish the other factory again to expand our production ability,sales growth through success with major brands in target markets.

2010- ELFA Leather demonstrates cost savings for customers ,durability,performance and clean process technology

2011-Sales growth accelerates, sales team expanded and third production factory been builted .

2015-New technology platform developed for aviation First & Business class seat side panels and trim for USA market.

2016-A new clean innovated materials be developed here.Recycled Leather

2019 We get GRS certificate.