The sustainable leather alternative—-Recycled Leather


Color:Bespoke ,such as mahogany,camel,brown,magonolia,grey,steel etc

Thickness:1.2-1.6mm (you decide it)


Length:about 25 meters

To be packed by roll

Supple ,soft,design etc are all be customized here. So we need MOQ 500 meters each one.


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Recycled  Leather


What is Recycled Leather ?

It is made from discarded wet blue leather off-cuts that normally end up in the landfill.It`s unique patented process employs high pressure water jets to force the recycled leather fibers through integral recycled synthetic fibers reinforcement core in a continuous closed-looped system with 99% of water recycled.So it is a clean technology product using waste leather together with recyclable synthetic fibers to create a sustainable innovated material that delivers the look and feel of  traditional leather.


How it`s made ?

recycled leather firm


Why Recycled Leather commitment to sustainability ?

Leather Evolution—-Recycled Leather

Recycled Leather is the sustainable leather alternative.

Diverting leather waste from landfill+Lowering carbon footprint+Saving scarce water resources

Recycled Leather`s innovated production process tranforms leather into special recyclable materials while achieving significantly environmental protection.Recycled Leather reduces leather waste ,increases recycled content,saves the scarce water resources,lowers carbon footprint,intensifys performance,and enables brands to create extraordinary products and memorable customers experiences while improving sustainability.


What is properties of  Recycled Leather?

1:100% Sustainable recycle : 55% recycled natural leather fibers+25% reyclable synthetic fibers+20% recycling pu coating

2:Maximised processing efficiency :Width is 54” ,about 25 meters length each roll. It is easy to cut and sew ,savSmarte labor cost and time.

3:No Adhesives: Recycled Leather is a clean technology product,the surface is eco friendly water pu coating,backing side is sustainable recycled leather fibers.

4:Highly Durable: Recycled Leather uses 100%nonwoven structure production,resistant to wear and tear.

5:Light Weight:Recycled leather is made from leather fibers and synthetic fibers.Not all leather fibers.It`s 40% lighter than traditional leather.

6:Low Maintainence: The surface is eco friendly recycling water pu coating.It is easy  to clean and maintain.

7:Commitment to The Planet: Reducing leather waste from the landfill ,saving 90% scarce water resources,lowering 60% carbon footprint.

8:Bespoke customising opportunities: Color ,texture,thickness,touching feeling,supple and gloss bespoke customising.