suede hot stamp gold leather 75% reclaimed leather for furniture sofa

1.Product Name:Fabric Aniline Leather
4.Composition:35% Leather + 40%Cotton+20%Polyester+5%PU
5.Pattern:Aniline Design
6.Color: Pepper , Chocolate,Black,Grey ,Dark brown etc
7.Delivery time: about 15 days after receiving your 30% deposit
8.MOQ:1000 meters each color
9.Packing: about 35 meters each roll




Aniline leather is a type of leather that has been soaked with a chemical dye called aniline. Only the best quality leather hides are selected for use as aniline leather, making it the most expensive of all types.

Aniline leather is commonly found in two forms: ‘full aniline’ and ‘semi-aniline’:

Full aniline refers to aniline-dyed leather which doesn’t have a top pigmented finish coating applied to its surface. As a result the leather retains many of its natural characteristics: it is able to naturally breathe, helping it remain soft and flexible, and is also cool to the touch. However, lacking a coating also means that the leather is porous, unlike semi-aniline, and more susceptible to absorbing water.
Semi-aniline is aniline-dyed leather which does have a top pigmented finish coating applied to its surface, helping it be resistant to spillages and water absorption. The light protective coating, which contains a small amount of pigment, is thinly applied after dyeing to ensure consistency of colouration whilst allowing the leather’s natural grainy appearance to show through.

sofa fabric material
sofa fabric material