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Recycled leather is the end of waste

Recycled leather can be considered the end of waste in the sense that it repurposes discarded leather materials, transforming them into new, usable products. By using recycled leather, we can reduce the need for new raw materials, conserve natural resources, and minimize environmental impact. However, it's essential to recognize that recycled leather plays an important role in the end of waste management. Waste management is a broader concept that encompasses various strategies and approaches to reduce, reuse, recycle, and dispose of waste...

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Engineered for the end of waste ,including leather waste to the landfill and plastic bottles on the beach and oceans

Imagine what can happen when waste is no longer wasted. When the cycle of consumption transforms into an infinite loop.How should we face it ? This is the reason why ELFA Leather is engineered for the end of waste.We are not only the end of leather waste to the landfill ,but also the end of the plastic bottles to the beach and ocean.Some animals in the oceans cannot be hurt by these plastic bottles.