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Recycled leather is a material made from used or discarded leather products

Recycled leather is a material made from used or discarded leather products, such as old clothing, shoes, or furniture. The process of making recycled leather involves shredding or grinding the leather into small particles and then using these particles to create new leather products. This practice helps to reduce waste, conserve natural resources, and minimize the environmental impact of leather production. There are several benefits to using recycled leather: Environmental sustainability: By using recycled leather, we can reduce the demand for [...]

recycled leather

What the planet deserves ? Sustainability ,recycle, reuse,lowering carbon emissions,saving scarce water resources.

With the rise of global warming and environment pollution on the international agenda,recycled leather plays an important role in protecting planet.Recycled Leather is made from leather and bottle waste destined for landfill sites.It helps people to get a healthy lifestyle and dedicate to the ethical treatment of animals.Lowering carbon emissions and saving scarce water resources have become the focus of leather production industries.Now a lot of famous brands pay more attention to the sustainable materials from the fabric to recycled leather step [...]