What the planet deserves ? Sustainability ,recycle, reuse,lowering carbon emissions,saving scarce water resources.

With the rise of global warming and environment pollution on the international agenda,recycled leather plays an important role in protecting planet.Recycled Leather is made from leather and bottle waste destined for landfill sites.It helps people to get a healthy lifestyle and dedicate to the ethical treatment of animals.Lowering carbon emissions and saving scarce water resources have become the focus of leather production industries.Now a lot of famous brands pay more attention to the sustainable materials from the fabric to recycled leather step by step.For example,Nike has already considered to use the recycled leather . Originally turning to fabric ,named flyknit.Now they are using recycled leather for their shoes,named flyleather.They are playing the leader of shoes industries now. We believe that other shoes brands are following up the sustainable recycled project step.Such as NB,Adidas,Skechers etc.

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