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Recycled leather is a sustainable material ?

Recycled leather is generally considered a sustainable material. Using recycled leather helps to reduce waste, conserve natural resources, and minimize the environmental impact of leather production. By reusing discarded leather products, the need for new leather is reduced, which in turn helps to preserve natural resources like animal hides or synthetics. Additionally, recycled leather diverts waste from landfills, lessening the environmental impact of disposal. The processing of recycled leather requires less energy and generates fewer greenhouse gas emissions compared to [...]

History of Sustainable recycled leather alternative to traditional leather

SUSTAINABLE RECYCLED LEATHER Factory Introduction: Founded in 1998, specializing in the production of cowhide fibers. In 2003, the factory introduced four leather flocking production lines. In 2009, two leather fiber PU production lines were introduced. Again in 2011, a leather fiber germ cloth production line (Planning 4 production lines in future) was introduced. With integration of self-created leather fiber technology and Non-woven technology and the use of sophisticated synthetic leather technology, we have a full range of equipment for producing the finished coated leather—–Sustainable recycled leather. Product Introduction: The sustainable [...]

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What the planet deserves ? Sustainability ,recycle, reuse,lowering carbon emissions,saving scarce water resources.

With the rise of global warming and environment pollution on the international agenda,recycled leather plays an important role in protecting planet.Recycled Leather is made from leather and bottle waste destined for landfill sites.It helps people to get a healthy lifestyle and dedicate to the ethical treatment of animals.Lowering carbon emissions and saving scarce water resources have become the focus of leather production industries.Now a lot of famous brands pay more attention to the sustainable materials from the fabric to recycled leather step [...]