Elfa leather is a new recycled material engineered for the end of leather manufacturing waste.

Elfa leather is a new recycled material engineered for the end of leather manufacturing waste.

It has a surplus of goods and excessive waste in the world now, and we should reuse them and reduce waste, rather than producing a lot of goods again.Especially in leather area,up to 75% of all leather hides are wasted.Therefore,a large number of leather scraps is destined to landfill,which it has a great pollution to the land and water.What`s more, there is a huge waste for the planet and the destruction of the environment entering into an infinite circle.Facing this situation,this is where elfa leather comes in.Maybe someone ask why elfa leather is able to help people to end the waste and move forward ? Why elfa leather can deliver on both changing for the planet and pursuing of luxury for the consumers?Elfa leather takes leather manufacturing waste destined to the landfill and gives it new life through revolutionary recycled technology with manufacturing sustainability.It reuses surplus of leather hides and reduce excessive waste ,engineering for the end of waste.Manufacturing with 100% renewable electricity,Recycling 95% of water used in groundbreaking manufactured process,Lowering carbon emissions by over 60%,Saving limited natural scarce resources (land and water) and Reducing waste,elfa leather is striving to increase the recycle content to 75%.For example,we are using recycled synthetic fibers made from plastic bottles in the ocean beach to enhance elfa leather performance.Therefore , it is popular with the most iconic brands in the world for its luxury and durability.In addition,it lets our mission have true impact of industry and the planet at an epic scale.

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