We takes leather manufacturering waste and gives it new life

What is recycled leather ?

Recycled leather is short for R Leather 

R leather transforms leather manufacturing waste into a new life.

In the elfa leather company,we think that too many limited resources are being unnecessarily wasted in the only planet we live.We have a responsibility and mission to reduce this waste in our industry .Therefore,we have to create what people want and what the planet deserves.


Many industries have been using traditional leather in the world,but we don`t know only 25% of all leather hides are actually used.The rest go to landfill. This is where recycled leather comes in . We are able to evolve leather to become a more responsible ,desirable and superior performance material.


In short,Recycled leather is an innovated material made with up to 55% virgin leather fibers.It provides enhanced comfort and delivers the true meaning of luxury for the climate-conscious .   It gives customers a feeling of an upgrade with a premium material that looks and feels of traditional leather.

Engineered for the end of waste ( including leather waste and plastic bottles)

Imagine what can happen when waste is no longer wasted.

When the cycle of consumption transforms into an infinite loop.How should we face it ?

This is the reason why ELFA Leather is engineered for the end of waste.We are not only the end of leather waste to the landfill ,but also the end of the plastic bottles to the beach and oceans.Some animals in the ocean cannot be hurt by these plastic bottles.

Engineered for protecting the only planet we live

Saving limited natural scarce resources (land and water), Lowering carbon emissions and Increasing recycled content.

Engineered for superior performance

It is more abrasion and scratch resistant and more durable and thanks to controlled stretch it retains its shape better when in prolonged period of use.


We are proud of what we have done. Join us !


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